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Order Albero now. Delivered within 5 business days.

Order Albero now.
Delivered within 5 business days.

Frequent questions

If you need help check if there are answers to your questions in the FAQ or alternatively contact us.

Albero comes with two ERA nanotechnology filters and Pre-filter. We also include a power supply and a quick start guide to help you with installation and configuration.

The ERA filters and the power supply are arranged in the special box contained in the Albero package. The installation of ERA filters is described in the Quick Guide.

Albero works in any room, preferably in a central location. Do not place the device on the ground but on a raised surface, such as a table or coffee table.

To ensure better purification, keep a distance of 20 cm between the air intakes and walls or other objects.

We recommend that you replace the Pre-Filter every 4 months.

The replacement period may vary depending on the level of air pollution present in the room where the device is positioned.

We recommend that you perform the eco-regeneration of the ERA filter when the appropriate filter status indicator says Regenerate on the mobile app.

The maintenance period may vary according to the level of pollution present in the room where the device is located.

You will be able to buy Albero in the way you prefer, both through the main credit cards and through an installment payment with ScalaPay and Soisy.

Each device will be shipped in its own box and you will receive a separate tracking number for each Albero unit.

You can control your Tree remotely through the AlberoAir app available for Android and IoS operating systems.

In addition, you can control the lighting purification modes using the appropriate button on the device.

Albero is produced and assembled entirely in Italy.

Albero covers up to an area of ​​50 square meters with a standard height of 3 meters.

Currently Albero is shipped to the United States, Europe and England.

Once your Albero has been shipped, we will send a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.

For customers outside Europe, any local taxes and customs duties are not included in the sales price and are charged to the recipient.

The delivery date of Albero will be indicated to you via an e-mail when the device is back in stock again.

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